Electric Outboards

ePropulsion Electric Outboard Motors

Westbound Yachts proudly presents ePropulsion -- premium electric outboard motors for sustainable and clean electric boating without exhaust or oil. Dedicated designers and engineers have introduced the latest Hydrocarbon and Nitrogen Oxide-free technology to these clean and efficient outboards. Through continuous innovation, ePropulsion’s mission is to design and manufacture safe and reliable electric motors that work in harmony with lakes, rivers, and ocean.


Motors from ePropulsion do not emit exhaust into the water, and are safe and simple with no smells and leaks.They are designed with a unique and well-balanced efficiency utilizing a unique brushless DC motor design. There are no gears, thus ensuring a quiet operation without vibration, while still delivering high torque output and density. The high efficiency rating is achieved by delivering a high propulsive power rating from the available battery power.

Brilliant Design Simplifies Your Life

Along with premium engineered performance, ePropulsion motors bring electric on-water transportation to a new level. The motors are elegantly designed and will make any boat owner proud to have on their dinghy, inflatable, or fishing boat.

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