ePropulsion Innovative Electric Boating

The most innovative and state-of-the-art electric outboard motors for sailboats, fishing boats, workboats, SUPs, kayaks, and dinghies.



ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus

Spirit 1.0 Plus

3 HP, various shaft lengths, 1 KW, with tiller

from $1,449.00


Spirit 1.0 Evo

Remote steering, regenerating battery system, 3 HP, two shaft lengths, 1KW

from $1,649.00

ePropulsion Navy Evo

Navy Evo

3 or 6 KW, 6-10 HP, remote steering, regenerating battery system

from $2,999.00

ePropulsion Pod Drive Evo

Pod Drive Evo

3 or 6 KW, 6-10 HP, remote steering, regenerating battery system

from $1,399.00

ePropulsion Vaquita for SUPs

Vaquita for SUPs

Electric motor for kayaks and SUPs, with remote controller

From $799.00

ePropulsion Batteries


Lithium 48+ volt systems

from $1,149.00

ePropulsion accessories


Propellers, Cables, Cases, Controls, etc.



Technical drawings for all ePropulsion products

Why Electric?

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Comfortable Boating

  • Quiet.

  • It’s virtually silent. Perfect for not spooking fish when you are fishing.

  • Clean.

  • No messy fuel or oil leaks, and therefore no greasy stains on your hands, car trunk or boat.

  • Exhaust-Free.

  • Keeping you, your family and friends safer and healthier.

User Experience

  • Reliable.

  • The efficient and innovative motor structure means there are fewer moving parts – making it reliable and robust.

  • Digitization.

  • Electric start and digital control with real-time operational data available.

  • Significantly lower maintenance required than combustion engines. Maintenance-free on direct-drive models.

Green Mobility

  • Renewable Energy Sources.

  • Recharge with hydrogeneration, wind turbine and solar panel.

  • Cost Effective.

  • Save on fuel and maintenance costs which also creates more value to commercial boats over the long-term.

  • Environmentally Friendly.

  • Enables boaters to access waters where combustion engines are banned.

Why ePropulsion?