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Mac Mcarty began selling boats over 30+ years ago. He realized after a short time that all boats have names for a reason… that they are cherished members of somebody’s family. That means that buying and selling may be an emotional process and we understand it could be your best or worst day on the water.

We pride ourselves on being a Wikipedia of Yacht Brokerages. By hiring us as your professional yacht broker, you gain valuable perspective and information by leveraging our knowledge and experience. We have two locations, one in California and one in Florida. Both fully licensed and bonded. We sell new and previously owned boats and are current on boating trends and market changes. We gladly share our knowledge of all types of boats to help you understand the advantages or strengths to match your needs.

We want to make selling your boat the best day on the water because we believe you will buy another boat one day. We hope is that it will be with our help.

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We are proud members of the California Yacht Brokers Association and use their legal documents that comply with all of the California Boating and Waterways consumer laws and regulations.

Negotiating with a Positive Outcome is Our Goal

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We understand and manage all expectations of the sale. This is where total honesty and delivery on your promises comes into play. Price is only one of the factors in a successful deal.

A completed sale at Westbound Yachts is just the beginning of our relationship. We are here for you in the future and enjoy staying in touch with you and want to know what is happening in your boating life.

Let us put a new name on the back of your boat so that someone else can find the same joy you had.

Time is of the Essence


How many times have you heard that? It’s true. Timing is everything, whether you are leveraging your sale against something else you want to do with that money or making sure you don’t lose an opportunity because of other brokers and salesman putting up roadblocks result in the loss of other potential buyers.